A horror novel by
Jill's mother Nancy.
All proceeds go to Jill's Fund to be used to help sanctuaries and animal rights campaigns.


The Jill Phipps Fund

The Jill Phipps Fund was formed to help finance Jill`s Day 2005 but also as an ongoing way of raising money for campaigning and sanctuaries. Any amount of money you can donate would be very much appreciated.

Jill standing on the balcony of her Hillfields flat

Jill with beloved son Luke

To make a donation

Please make cheques payable to:

"Jill Phipps Fund"

and post to:

The Jill Phipps Fund, PO Box 3605, Coventry CV1 3WS.

Fundraising in Coventry

In the months leading up to Jill`s Day 2005, Coventry Animal Alliance members were busy raising funds in various ways. There were many pub collections in Coventry, where some people donned animal costumes and visited local pubs shaking collecting tins and distributing leaflets. On each of these occasions around £100 was raised.

Collectors descend on Coventry city centre

On Saturday 11th December, half a dozen people held a street collection in the heart of Coventry. Once again, the rabbit and parrot rattled their tins and were a big hit with young children! Hundreds of leaflets were handed out and over £126 was raised in total.

We would like to thank the hundreds of individuals and groups across the country that have made donations to the fund.

In total well over £3,000 was raised prior to Jill`s Day 2005, which allowed us to organise a very memorable event.

Sad Note : Since this picture was taken, Gary Allen the man in the centre of the picture above, has sadly died. Gary was the long term partner of Jill's sister, a member of Coventry Animal Alliance and was a well known and active animal liberationist who helped many hundreds of animals through his work at animal sanctuaries and in animal rescue. Like so many, Gary spent time in prison for animal rights activities, suffering the harsh repression dealt out by the British Government to those brave enough to stand up for the animals ... but he never gave in.

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jill, who has inspired many 1,000`s of compassionate people to take action on behalf of animals.

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