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Tributes to fallen comrades

In recent years the Animal Liberation movement has lost some of it's bravest and most extraordinary fighters. Click on the buttons below to read tributes about Gari, Neil and Keivan. Each is sadly missed by all who knew them ... but like Jill ... they will never be forgotten and they will always have a central place in the history of our movement. Rest in peace friends you died too young.

Jill's Day and week of action 2008

In 2008 there was no co-ordinated week of action, but people around the UK and around the World took their own actions and made their own rememberances. Many of Jill's friends have become particularly active in the campaign against greyhound racing and the success of this campaign is dedicated with love to Jill. You can find out more about this vigourous campaign by visiting www.greyhoundaction.org.uk.

Jill's Day and week of action 2007
February 1st through to February 9th

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This year we called for a week of action starting from Jill’s anniversary, Thursday Feb 1st, through to Feb 9th which is the anniversary of Mike Hill, a hunt sab who was killed by the hunt in 1991.

What makes the Animal Liberation movement special is that it is not run by leaders, in fact it isn't run by anyone. Nor are we fighting for our own selfish desires ... we fight for the animals who are unable to fight for themselves ... those who are oppressed, tortured, raped and murdered in their billions across the planet.

This means that the Animal Liberation movement is made up of compassionate individuals who choose to come together or work alone to make the dream of a better and more caring world come true. Sometimes this work goes quickly and sometimes it goes slowly ... but it never stops and it never will until our goal is achieved.

This is the sort of dream that Jill lived, one of comradeship, activism, compassion and shared dreams. In keeping with this feeling, the theme of the week this year was a simple one – take action for yourself - action in its broadest sense - for example doing a stall, a hunt sab, a school talk, a days work at at an animal rescue centre, anything that made a positive difference – what could be simpler and more effective than that?

Of course this means that this years activities may not have been as visible as other years but some of the more high profile ones are listed below.

2007 Events:
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Demonstrators outside the Houses of Parliament

Public stalls and screenings of Jill's Film | Pick'n'Mix Demos at local Police HQs and parliament | Dover Demo 3rd Feb

Public stalls and screenings of Jill's film


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In Jill's home town of Coventry, they organised regular street stalls in the run up to Jill's day to raise awareness and to promote a free public screening of Jill's Film on 3rd of February. If you look at the top of this page you will see Nancy (Jill's mum) on a rememberance stall for Jill in Coventry towncentre.

Nancy Phipps (Jill's mum) and friend holding a memorial stall in
Coventry town centre ... click on the picture to see a larger version

On the actual anniversary morning, a small group of people visited Jill's memorial at the place where she was killed (just by the roadside near the gates of Baginton airport). The atmosphere was very nice and people planted lots of flowers and lit candles and incense sticks in respect for Jill.

On the 3rd as a culmination to the events in Coventry, a special screening of Jill's film was held at the Howitzer club along with music and free vegan food (click on the flyer above for more details). Attendance was good with many old friends and members of the public turning up and it ended up in the sort of party that Jill herself loved so much ... a fitting way to remember her and celebrate her life.

There were also well attended screenings of Jill's Film in other towns and cities:

Jan 31st at the Sumac centre Nottingham

Wednesday 7th February at St Georges Community Hall Redditch

Sunday 25th February at The Basement Manchester

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Pick n Mix demos at local Police HQs:

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To round off the week of action Coventry Animal Alliance held highly successful and amusing demos outside Warwickshire Police HQ on the 9th February and on the 10th outside Worcestershire Police HQ.

February the 9th marked the 16th anniversary of Mike Hill, am 18 year old lad who was killed by a huntsman whilst trying to stop a hare hunt in Cheshire.

The aim was to highlight the way that the Police have chosen to ignore the ban on hunting that came in several years ago and hopefully to embarrass them into doing something. The demos were based on the idea that Police now "Pick'n'Mix" which laws they care about and which ones they bother to enforce ... a luxury that the rest of us certainly don't have!

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Brief reports and photos from the demos:

1) Worcestershire and Warwickshire Police HQ demos:

Do you recognise any of these people?
If so please contact the Police immediately!

"It went brillliantly- even the cops enjoyed it. the local neighbours were totally on our side and brought us tea and coffee. I presented the coppers with a poster of "Op pick'n'mix" to stick on the Chief Constables wall. quite a few local press came. tomorrow we are going to the Worcester demo. Iam hoping that other groups will follow suit. We had a laugh and it had a really good feel good factor to it."

The quote above is from the Warwickshire demo where the Police took it in fairly good humour. In contrast when protestors did the demo outside the Worcestershire Police HQ there was a severe humour failure on the part of the Police. They imposed a section 14 notice on the demo restricting it's scope and length and seemed mainly to be worried about whether the banners were touching their wall or not.

Maybe this over reaction was because they were embarrassed to have their prejudices exposed in such a clear way ... no one likes getting caught out being bad do they!

The Police get into the atmosphere by dressing as pantomime clowns.

2) Outside Parliament:

Demonstrators outside the Houses of Parliament

As the police HQ demos went so well (and were such good fun :-) it was decided to take the "Pick'n'Mix" idea straight to Parliament to try and get a bit of publicity for an issue that has disappeared from the news agenda and to embarass the government directly by exposing it's lack of real action against hunting.

So on 19th February a colourful crew of protestors dressed as Huntsmen, robbers, drug dealers and other criminals descended on the Houses of Parliament for a lively and successful demo that gained plenty of support on the ground and coverage on many news channels including the BBC.

Click here to see the flyer for this event
(feel free to download and print it out if you like)

Click here to see the press release for this event

Why are we bothered about hunting?

If you have forgotten what is wrong with hunting
click on the picture above for a reminder.

These demos went very well, got plenty of press coverage and where actually fun ... we are appealing to people to do their own versions in their own areas ... the week of action may have ended, but the struggle continues. We can help with advice, posters and leaflets.

We will never stop until we win!

For more info: contact John Curtin, spokesperson for Coventry Animal Alliance on 07771 953465 or email: info@jillphipps.org.uk

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As part of the week of action ... there was a national demo on Feb 3rd in Dover, where live exports of calves have resumed within the last year.

If anyone has a report of this event (or others) please email them to us ... this website is for everyone who shares Jill's Dream and does something to make it a reality ... so don't be shy!

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Why not show Jill's Film yourself?

Maybe you would like to show a copy as part of the Week of Action?

This excellent and inspirational film really packs an emotional punch. The film lasts about 30 minutes and includes footage of Jill, the Coventry live export campaign, Jill`s funeral, interviews with Jill`s family and footage showing the horrific reality of animal cruelty.

Click here to find out more about Jill's Film and how to get a copy

31st December 2006 ... the EU has finally brought in a ban on the Veal Crate!

Following several years of unneccessary delay, the European wide ban on Veal Crates has finally come into force. Unfortunately things are not so simple ... the law still allows what we would consider cruel and inhumane practises to take place ... however considering the strength of the animal farming industry in Europe and the influence they wield ... we must still consider this a major victory for our campaign.

For more info on this story click on this link to Compassion In World Farming

k above to visit the
Vegan Society website:

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jill, who has inspired many 1,000`s of compassionate people to take action on behalf of animals.

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